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Mark Furland

Pigweed Labday

March 16, 2021
Pigweed is a mix of libraries and build system for embedded development. The thing that initially sold me on wanting to try it was automatically running tests on embedded devices....
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Rich Rarey

Senior Software Engineer and Bluetooth SME

BluetoothⓇ LE Modulation Characteristics: Making Waves

March 1, 2021
It’s often entertaining to browse the sprawling Bluetooth Core Specification document, published by the Bluetooth SIG because, while complex, it is well written and provides insight to why things are...
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Phil Danne

Unit Test Failure

January 31, 2021
As we celebrate quick, loud failure at Tome, with a physical “Fail Brick” that’s passed around the office, I thought it would be appropriate to start 2021 with a brief...
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Tony Lawrence

Building speakers

October 29, 2020
A few weeks ago, I collaborated with some co-workers to build 12 Balanced Mode Radiator speakers. We chose BMR speakers as they have a wide dispersion pattern without the artifacts...
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Nick Dedenbach

Improving the Vue workflow

August 25, 2020
On my latest project here at Tome, I have been learning the ropes of the amazing Vue framework. It’s been a joy to learn and work with. But like all...
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Jeanne Beau

Voice Commands with Snowboy

August 10, 2020
For my Lab Day project, I worked on implementing speech recognition in a fully offline mode. This would detect a wakeword followed by a limited set of words for which...
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Praveen Ramesh Sai

Multi-platform applications with Kivy

June 1, 2020
In an attempt to create a simple application to run across multiple platforms with minimum coding effort, I ended up finding the Kivy framework. Kivy is open source Python library...
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Featured image for “Moving Picture using Fritz AI Human Pose Estimation on iOS”
Angela Fessler

Moving Picture using Fritz AI Human Pose Estimation on iOS

May 4, 2020
My son wanted me to make him a Harry Potter-like ‘talking portrait’ of myself for lab day. I had a few ideas on this and kicked it off at first...
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Joe Maples

Evil Hangman

March 15, 2020
Recently, I’ve been learning Kotlin while working on Android apps. While doing this, Kotlin’s heavy use of Lambda functions and comparator parameters began to remind me of functional programming languages...
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Ben Willshire

Unity Racer

January 20, 2020
While browsing StackOverflow one day I noticed an ad for the “Virtual Circuit World Tour” for something called the AWS DeepRacer League. Not having any idea what that was but...
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