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About Tome - Where Owls Dare


A passion for connecting hardware products to software applications led Jake Sigal and Massimo Baldini to launch Tome, Inc. in April 2014. Founded in metro Detroit, the company develops connectivity products to keep people mobile and active, and creates value as a focused niche within the larger Internet of Things movement. Tome is a member of the StartUp Health accelerator, based in New York City. Sigal and Baldini sold their previous startup, Livio, to Ford Motor Co. in 2013.From their office nest in metro Detroit, Tome’s wise, challenge-hungry owls live to take on the world’s most-intriguing tech puzzles. Led by serial entrepreneurs Jake Sigal and Massimo Baldini, Tome operates in the Internet of Things tech space, specializing in the development of full-stack mobility IoT software solutions. Tome manages the end-to-end product lifecycle to conceive, craft, pilot and launch solutions to real-world problems. Hailed as TechWeek Detroit’s 2017 Startup of the Year, Tome’s partners include Ford Motor Co., Humanscale, NASA, SRAM and Trek. Tome engineers work directly with researchers at the University of Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh and Ohio University to validate user experience design and experiment metrics to measure behavior change. Sigal and Baldini founded Tome in 2014 after Ford acquired their first startup, Livio.


Tome retrofits current products of established companies by bringing in the “big 3”: new user experiences, the best partners through business development, and the latest technology. This combination answers “Y” users are willing to pay for the new connected experiences. Unlike contract engineering services, Tome’s business model is based on sharing success with our customers through licensing, royalties and corporate IP spinouts.

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Business of Furniture
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Mix Interiors Magazine


Hacker Fellows

Enterprise Mobility


Mobility Software

Tome licenses out mobility software solutions designed for enterprise customers that need access and routing for additional forms of transportation and parking to include with their corporate campus, city infrastructure, or proprietary mode of transportation (bike, bus, vehicle, public transportation).


Connected Office

Tome owns and licenses connected office software and sensor solutions for the furniture industry. Products are customized for OEM use and include office sensors, dashboards, and user apps for health and wellness benefits.

Customers & Partners

Our Team


Our Process


Biz Dev
MVP Decisions

Phase0 explores what’s possible and creates a plan of work. UX, biz dev, and technical sourcing.


Advanced Engineering

Research, engineering validation, experience testing and pre-production work on prototypes or conceptual demos bring new products to life
at Phase 0.5.



At Phase1, Tome works the plan by improving the end-user experience, finalizing the technology and supporting business development for a production-level launch.

Careers at Tome

We’re looking for more than hired hands at Tome. If you excel when you tinker, invent and innovate and are a bird of a different feather in search of a different kind of workplace, come join us on our journey. There will be hard work, but it’ll be coolest job you’ll ever have.

For our current openings:

Hacker Fellows

hacker fellows
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Tome is proud to be part of the Hacker Fellows program. Through the fellowship program, Tome has been able to provide exciting tech opportunities for talented coders in the Detroit-area. We offer a hands-on experience on innovative projects in the internet-of-things space with a specialized focus on enterprise mobility: mobility software and connected office.

We would like to introduce our Hacker Fellows:
Nick Dedenbach
Mark Furland
Peter Shutt
Andrew Steffes
Mike Swierenga
Ben Willshire

Press / Media

It’s an exciting time at Tome. We continue to make a splash in the Internet of Things tech space and have already generated a lot of momentum. If you’re looking to learn more about Tome or are a member of the press, go to our Press/Media page where you’ll find news, official releases and a press kit with our bios, logos and photos.

Access the Press / Media page:
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