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Tome Privacy Policy

What information do OfficeIQ sensors create/collect?

  1. OfficeIQ assigns a unique ID to your desk and collects and stores the following data:
    • Sit vs. Stand (i.e. Were you sitting? Standing? For how long?)
    • Occupancy (i.e. Were you at your desk? For how long?)
    • Notifications (i.e. When were notifications sent to sit or stand?)

What data does Tome collect?

  1. DeskID
  2. Users, through the registration process, are asked to provide their name, gender, height, weight, DOB, and email address. Personal information is used to help calculate extra calories burned due to sit/stand activity. Names and email addresses are used to create an OfficeIQ account.

What does Tome/OfficeIQ DO with this data?

  1. Tome allows users to share personal data with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. Calorie data will sync and display on the daily activity log in Apple Health and Google Fit, which is then available to third-party apps that users choose to sync with Apple HealthKit and/or Google Fit.
  2. Tome will share the data with an employer and/or other third parties (such as corporate wellness vendors or healthcare insurance companies) in AGGREGATED ANONYMOUS format only. Personal information is not included or shared with employers or other third parties without prior approval from the user.

What does Tome/OfficeIQ NOT DO with this data?

  1. Tome will NOT share PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE data with employers and/or other third parties unless users choose to do so by expressly opting in.